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Here you will find the top of line kilns available for purchase and all the accessories needed to make your kiln experience as easy and fun as possible for what ever purpose you need it for. There is a magnificent choice of Kilns varying in size and power which means there is a kiln that is perfect for any necessary job. This includes Pot terycrafts front-loading kilns such as Genesis, Fireworker, Heatworker, Heatmaster and Ceramaster. Toploading Kilns,Aurora, Mercury, Comet and Topworker Kilns, Laser Gas Kilns, Roderveld Kilns, Pyramid Kilns, Raku Kilns.

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*excludes oval kilns, only for online orders, "mainland UK" only excluding north of central belt of Scotland.

Building on Our Heritage

Potterycrafts kilns have a long history going back to Webcot Kilns, part of Wenger, one of the three companies, together with Harrison Mayer and Podmore that came together in 1983 to form Potterycrafts. In total we can look back at over a hundred years experience of serving the pottery industry. At our Stoke-on-Trent factory we have taken the skill, knowledge and experience of many years of kiln building and incorporated the very latest materials and technology in our new designs.

New Kilns

In the last two years we have reviewed all of our kiln ranges and have made numerous design changes that have improved the strength of construction, efficiency of power use and given more accuracy in firing. We’ve also made them look better! All of these changes have been made with a sharp eye on costs, weare determined to keep all of our kilns as competitively priced as we can. Details of specific changes are highlighted in the information below. Our kiln technicians have an on-going program of continuous development that is informed by feedback from customers and advice from our professional potters. Our kiln ranges have been transformed and the new innovations have made Potterycrafts not only the largest UK kiln manufacturer in this sector but also one of the most technologically advanced.

Selecting Your Electric Pottery Kiln

Buying a new kiln is a big step, whether you are a beginner or established potter it is a substantial cost and you need to answer a host of questions if you are to ensure that you make the best choice. I have summarised some of the most important points below; there will be many other considerations but hopefully this might act as a checklist to start you offinthe process. Read More