LUG65 Amaco LUG's - Orange

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The Lug range is available in 2fl oz (59ml) or pint (473ml) sizes. Firing range 1040°C - 1220°C. These opaque coloursare recommended for covering large areas quickly. Also great for detailed painting, sgraffito decoration, water colour effects, free brush painting, wax resists and mishima decoration. They may be brushed on to greenware which is tobe bisque fired before applying a covering glaze or on to mature Cone 04 bisque, then a covering glaze applied. Whiteslip may be tinted by adding small amounts of most of the LUG colours to produce coloured slip. If left unglazed Amac o LUG's should not come into contact with food or drink. Recommended Amaco clear glazes are LG-10, HF9A,HF10A or anydinnerware safe glaze. For best results with LUG51, 52, 54 , 55, & 56 apply only 2 coats of LG-10 clear glaze.

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