P1515 Birch White Smooth Stoneware 1160-1280°C

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P1515 Birch White Smooth Stoneware,
Suitable for throwing, hand building, sculpture, large tiles.
Temperature Range 1150 - 1280 °C.
Shrinkage (w-d) 3 - 5%
Shrinkage (d-f) 6 - 8%
0.3% expansion at 500°C.
Texture (1-smooth 10 coarse) 2.
Fired colour - Off White.

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Karin Bao Marambio - 14/06/2019
Probably the most beautiful clay I have ever used. It’s like working with silk. The greenware is pleasure to clean and little marks disappear like magic with a quick wipe. After 25 years and heaps of different clays I have finally found the one! Thank you so much Potterycraft, I love it!
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