China Painters Turpentine

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China painters turpentine, pure turps for mixing and brush cleaning.
Tips for on-glaze painting:
Cadmium redsand yellow:
These warm colours need to be applied more thickly and fired at a
slightly lower temperature, to 790C (maximum), with little or no soak.
This method is most relevant to P4288 Golden Yellow.
Transparent colours:
Any on-glaze or glass paint can be made transparent by the addition of
clear flux.
Products available from Potterycrafts are:
R5925 - Mixing flux for low sol colours
R5926 - Mixing flux for low solcolours, suitable for use with cadmium
R5625 - Mixing flux for leadless colours
R5930 - Mixing flux for glass colours (high temperature)
R5948 - Mixing flux for glass colours (medium temperature)
These fluxes can also be used as a protective layer over on-glaze
decoration to give extra durability.
Outlines for designs can be traced or drawn free hand using a soft pencil
or fine marker pen. For a more permanent result, a pale brown or grey
on-glaze colour can be used with a fine brush or pen.This can then be
fired to give an outline which will not be lost after the first firing.
Outlines are best done on ware that has been de-greased with turpentine
and dried.
Matt colours:
On-glaze colours can be matted down with the addition ofa matting
agent such as zinc oxide. This should be mixed at approximately two
parts colour to one part matting agent.
Metals and lustres:
When working with any metals or lustres, we recommend you use a
brush dedicated to those products. Do not wash your brush with soap
and water, as this may cause faults on yournext application.Rinse used
brushes in the appropriate essence and then wrap the bristle in
aluminium foil. If necessary, soften your brush with essence before
For details of brushes available from Potterycrafts, please refer to our
tools, sponges and brush section.
Potterycrafts on-glaze colours fall into 3 categories
LEADED - (low sol) based on lead frits
LEADLESS - maycontain upto 0.5% oflead (usually from the stain
manufacturer), not enough to give lead release
LEADFREE -contains no lead whatsoever
Remember in all cases it is your responsibility to have the finished ware tested by acompetent organisation.

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