P1480 Earthstone Handbuilding Clay -ES40 1200-1300°C

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ES 40 has a similar appearance and firing range to Earthstone Original (ES 5). ES 40 is a high quality white clay body, the addition of coarse molochite makes Earthstone Hand Building an incredibly strong clay. It is heavily enough grogged to make the most extreme sculptural forms and is highly resistant to warping and cracking. This makes it suitable for hand made tiles and ceramic murals.
Hand building, large sculpture.
Temperature Range 1200°C-1300°C.
Shrinkage (w-d) 3-5%
Shrinkage (d-f) 4-6%.
0.23 % expansion at 500°C.
Texture (1- smooth, 10-coarse)  8.
Fired colour off white.

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