P1481 Earthstone Original Stoneware - ES5 1180-1280°C

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Earthstone Original matures between 1180°C-1280C firing very white. It is highly resistant to warping and cracking. The addition of a small proportion of carefully blended and graded molochite means that ES 5 throws large pieces easily and responds well to press moulding and slab building. ES 5 Original is highly regarded by professional potters.
Throwing, coiling, hand building, tile making, modelling, recommended for salt glazing .
Temperature Range 1180 - 1280 °C.
Shrinkage (w-d) 3 - 5%
Shrinkage (d-f) 7 - 9%
0.26% expansion at 500°C.
Texture (1-smooth 10 coarse) 3.
Fired colour - Off White.

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