P1512 Earthstone Sculpting/Pizza Body - ES180 - 900-1280°C

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Earthstone Sculpting/Pizza Body - ES180 - 900-1280°C
Suitable for pizza ovens, raku, large sculptures, saggers, modelling and hand built items.
A very coarsely grogged clay with a beautiful texture.
This fireclay based body using graded corderite grog has a very low shrinkage, making it highly resistant to warping, cracking and thermal shock. Suitable for oxidisation and reduction firing (due to the large particle size of the grog some 'spit out' may be observed).
Temperature Range - 900 - 1280°C
% Shrinkage (w-d) - 3 - 5%
% Shrinkage (d-f) - 5-7%
% Expansion @ 500°C - 0.18%
Texture (1 - Smooth to 10 - Coarse) - 10.
Fired Colour - Buff
Weight 12.5kg

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