P1489 Earthstone Special Stoneware ES160 1200-1300°C

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Earthstone Special Stoneware fires white to give an excellent base for colour decoration, while its high plasticity and remarkable handlingproperties make it excellent for larger pots. It is highly resistant to warping, cracking and thermal shock. It is also particularly suited to salt-glazing and reduction firing. The addition of specially selected molochite makes Earthstone Special Stoneware an incredibly versatile body.
P1489 Throwing, ideal for Salt glazing and reduction firing, machine making, tiles.
Temperature Range 1200 - 1300 °C.
Shrinkage (w-d) 3 - 5%
Shrinkage (d-f) 5 - 7%
0.26% expansion at 500°C.
Texture (1-smooth 10 coarse) 6.
Fired colour - Off White.

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