P1486 Earthstone Terracotta Crank ES65 1080-1220°C

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Earthstone Terracotta Crank allows you to create large sculptural pieces and is a beautifully textured, richly coloured clay. ES 65 combines the warmth and excellent working properties of red clay with the strength of a crank, giving an exceptional body that is ideal for all types of hand building processes. Fires: 1080°C - 1220°C, and like all Earthstone Clays is exceptionally warp and crack resistant.
P1486 Hand building, sculpture and large tile making.
Temperature Range 1080 - 1220 °C.
Shrinkage (w-d) 3 - 5%
Shrinkage (d-f) 4 - 6%
0.25% expansion at 500°C.
Texture (1-smooth 10 coarse) 10.
Fired colour - Medium Red.


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