P3336 Keramicast High Density Plaster

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High Density Plaster ( CaSO4 0.5H2O )
Keramicast is an off white high quality casting plaster made for the ceramic industry, being harder and more durable than Pottery Plaster. Traditionally used in ceramics for the production of working moulds for both jiggering and slip casting.
Mixing ratio 1.3kg plaster to 565cc of water.

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Technical Information:
Plaster to Water Ratio (by weight): 1.79:1
Water to Plaster Ratio (by weight): 56%
Initial setting time (minutes): 8
Final setting time (minutes): 12
Linear expansion (%): 0.28
Brinell hardness (MPa): 60
Dry compressive strength (MPa): 22
Shelf Life: 6 Months, commencing from date of manufacture displayed on each bag.

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