P1508 KGM Production Throwers E'ware Stoneware 1080-1280°C 12.5kg

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P1508 : KGM Production Throwers Earthenware / Stoneware.
Earthenware Temperature Range: 1080 - 1120°C
Stonerware Temperature Range: 1220 - 1280°C
This white clay is very wide firing being a true earthenware and stoneware clay.
Although designed for production throwers,the Production ThrowersEarthenware / Stoneware is brilliant for beginners as it is so forgiving and with a little practice large pots are easily thrown.
A fine grog content assists the throwing and also makes it a good handbuilding clay, the fine to medium texture is easily burnished to a smooth finish.
Shrinkage (w-f) 12% at 1260°C
0.32% expansion at 500°C. for earthenware fired body.
0.27% expansion at 500°C. for stoneware fired body.
Texture (1-smooth 10 coarse) 3.
Fired colour at eatrhenware temperature : Off White / Cream.
Fired colour at stoneware temperature : Cream Buff.
Fired colour from reduction firing: Some speckle under reduction.

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