P3312 FKN-45 Feldspar

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P3312 FKN 45 Feldspar.
A premium quality Feldspar sourced from Portugal.
Ceramic applications are Engobes, Sanitaryware, Stoneware, Porcelain and Tiles.
In-house testing has found it to be a good replacement for FFF Feldspar, especially when used in glazes.
Chemical composition.
K2O : 5.5%
Al2O3 : 17.4%
Na2O : 6.2%
SiO2 : 69.6%
This Feldspar is produced from Quartz in the Pegmatite Ore and is separated by use of the Flotation process. It is further refined by magnetic separation to lower the Iron content before milling to the correct particle size.

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