P5117 Lightmaster 100lt 6kW (32A) 1300°C

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Firing capacity: 100 litres
Maximum Temperature: 1300°C (Cone10)
Chamber dimensions: mm: 460 wide x 400 deep x 560 high
External dimensions: mm : 730 wide x 860 deep x 1450 high
Weight: 250kg
Power: 6.0 kW
Supply required: Single Phase- 32amps or 3 phase-10 amps per phase
Kiln Furniture Set: See P5842 for details and price

Standard Controller : CERA-2 (2-program memory each with 3 segments),
You can upgrade to CERA-5 (5-program memory each with 5 segments) , CERA-10 (10-program memory each with 10 segments) or CERA-10+ (10 -program memory each with 16 segments) for marginal extra cost, select your choice from the drop down box above:
Additional Safety Equipment available for P2117 Kiln(Links Below):
Ventilation Hood; KM205
Heatlock; PFL Heatlock
Auto-damper; PFL/AD
Information Link : Guide to programming your kiln.

Key Information

All Lightmaster kilns are CE marked and have captive key interlocks fitted to break full load before opening the kiln complying with both UK and European legislation.

Kanthal A1 spiral wound elements are used to heat the kiln. The elements are graded and located in grooves in the side walls and floor of the kiln giving uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber.

Potterycrafts Lightmaster kilns have dual contactors to provide protection against possible over-fires, when used in conjunction with Potterycrafts Kiln Controllers.

The kilns are constructed of a durable low thermal mass insulation brick with two high grade backup insulation boards this is all enclosed within a robust high quality pressed steel powder coated frame

  • Type 'R' thermocouples fitted as standard on UK kilns.
  • Adjustable clasp door locks fitted.
  • Stainless steel surround.
  • Brick to brick door seal.
  • All kilns are fitted with a Harting socket for easy controller connection.
  • Mains power indicator.
  • Wired for single or three phase connection.
  • Roof and door vent as standard for venting the kiln during firing and to aid cooling.
  • Energy efficient.


    This kiln is made to order please call for delivery times.

    Standard Pallet delivery by tail lift vehicle is to ground level to your driveway or kerbside; please ensure that you consider how you will move the kiln to its required operating position.

    Option 1 - We can arrange to deliver directly from our factory and position the kiln where required at competitive prices.
    Option 2 - We can offer a connection and set-up service in addition to Option 1.
    Please email sales@potterycrafts.co.uk and we will send you a Kiln Questionnaire to complete, or call us on 01782 745000 to discuss, we will then be able to quote accurately for these Options.
    If you have restricted access we may be able to build the kiln on site, please ask for details and a quotation.

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