P4106 Potterycrafts Chestnut Brown

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Underglaze Colour in Powder Form
Powdered colours should be mixed with a suitable medium in the approximate proportions of 2 parts colour to 1 part medium. These can be diluted further with water for air brush application.
Maximum Firing Temperature - 1100°C
Colour - Chesnut Brown
Recommended media are:
P4479 - Underglaze medium - A water based gum medium, suitable for all applications.
P4264 - Universal medium - A water based medium which gives a creamy, slow drying colour mixture and is best suited for hand painting.
P4256- Fat Oil and P4261 China Painters Turps - A combinationof these two (approximately half/half) mixed with underglazecolours give a slow drying mixture for painting onto bisque ware.
IMPORTANT - Note that when using this medium you must harden the colours to 800°C before glazing.

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