P1497 Professional Super White Earthenware PF580 1150-1220°C

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At last! Superwhite Earthenware, an earthenware which throws as well as the best stoneware clays. A blend of carefully graded ball clays gives this clay body outstanding plasticity and strength. Being smooth,strong and very plastic PF 580 is ideal for all production techniques including throwing, pressing and jigger and jollying. PF 580 also offers excellent glaze fit between 1150°C - 1220°C
Firing Range : 1150-1220°C.
% Shrinkage (w-f) - 8%
% Expansion @ 500°C - 0.3%
Texture (1 - Smooth to 10 - Coarse) - 2.
Fired Colour - White.
Weight 12.5kg

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