TC3300/1- 1 program 2 segment Kiln Controller

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TC3300/1 Controller 1 Program - 2 Segments

Click here to view our guide to programming your kiln in PDF format
Simple single program controller with Delay, 2 Ramps and 2 Dwells (ideal for firing simple ceramics).
C3300/1 features
Delay start facility - 0 - 99 hours 59 minutes.
Segment 1.
Heating Ramp 1 - 1 to 999°C per hour or FULL power to 'first set-point'.
Set-point 1 - 1 to 1300°C or to factory pre-set limit.
Soak Period / dwell - 0 to 99 hours 59 minutes.
Segment 2 - As segment 1 then End (Automatic switchoff).

Other features:-
Constant temperature readout.
Power usage indicator.
Program pause function.
Wall mounting.
Power interruption restart within100°C temperature fall.
Over temperature security contactor output.
Plug and go facility via Hartingplug.
Keyboard lockable.
Thermo couple Type - S,R,K orN (Standard factory preset UK to R type).
Range R/S -20to 1600°C °F - K/N 0 to 1300°C °F.
Resolution 1 Degree.
Accuracy +/- 0.1% FSD +/- 1digit.
Control Adaptive PID.
Supply 207-265 VAC - 50/60Hz-6VA max.
Output 230vAC.
Dimensions 120 x 190x 78mm.


Delay start
A period of time to elapse before controller starts a firing,for example, in order to make use of off-peak power.

Heating/Cooling Ramp
The rate of heating up or cooling down, usually expressed in number ofdegrees per hour,e.g. 150°C per hour. A Kiln firing to 600°C at 150°C per hour would take 4 hours.

Set Point
Also called "Target temperature". The temperature at which the controller changes the ramp rate, startsto soak or switches off. For example a program might fire at 100°C per hour to the first set point of 600°C thenfireat 250°C per hour to top temperature of 1120°C.

Soak or Dwell
The periodof time that the kiln is held at a temperature in order to smooth out glazes or even out temperature in the kiln. Typically 15 to 20 minutes.

One part of the program, usually consisting of a ramp, a target temperature and asoak.

Event Relay
Output from a controller to operate an automatic damper, opening and closing it during the firing.

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