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PotAprons by Joanna Howells and Simona Stollo
Experience the comfort and convenience of a PotApron. Designed by potters for potters. Durable, practical, convenient and safe.
PotAprons are made of light, durable materials. The straps are fully adjustable and long enough to be tied at the front if you prefer.
A clever clipdesign means that you have the advantage of secure cross-over straps without the hassle.
The split-leg designallows you to sit comfortably at the wheel while potting.
There is a deep pocket to the right and to the left three buttons for attaching a towel ( Towel not included with the apron)..
After a day at the wheel PotAprons can be wiped clean or rinsed and they dry quickly.
No more intensive drying overnight or that feel of a still damp apron in the morning!
Above all, PotAprons are safe to use in the pottery or any dusty environment. The fibre does not trap dust for later releaseand the aprons are easily shaken outside or wiped to removed particles.
Comes with a storage pouch

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