Axner Underglaze Pen - Dark Green - 30ml

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Axner Underglaze Pens were developed for Cone 05 (1040°C) and 06 (1013°C) firings, however most of the colours do quite well at much higher temperatures. Our own testing has yielded the following results: Cone 06 - 04 (1077°C) all colours remain strong and vibrant. Cone 6 (1240°C) most colours remain strong and vibrant with the exception of Chartreuse (P4004), Pink (P4010) and Lilac (P4011) which are weak. Green (P4005), Purple (P4012) and Maroon (P4013) do change colour somewhat. Cone 10 (1305°C) is the same as Cone 6 (1240°C) with the following exceptions: Chartreuse (P4004), Lilac (P4011) and Pink (4010) completely disappear.
Axner Underglaze Pens are simple and easy to use. They are easy to clean and difficult to clog. They come with four metal nibs - Extra Fine (0.3mm), Fine (0.5mm), Medium (0.7mm)and Bold (0.9mm). 2 cleaning wires are also included.
Size : 30ml

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