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Slipware was for centuries the traditional rural pottery of Europe and America--until the Industrial Revolution with its streamlined and mechanical production methods almost brought about its demise. For many years it survived only incountry areas, but a renewed interest in its techniques and appreciation of its rich, vibrant qualities has today brought slipware to the forefront as a pottery of choice.
In this engaging and informative book,Victoria Edenand Michael Eden trace the history of slipware, discuss the techniques involved, and cover a wide cross-section of contemporary practice. The abundant illustrations include over two hundred striking images reflecting the current work of an international group of artists, along with a variety of traditional pieces.
Slipware will serveas aninspiration for potters and a source of visual delight for all those interested in contemporary ceramics. In addition to the illustrations, the book offers practical information about the subject and will appeal to students and anyoneinterested in ceramics in general and in current interior design trends.

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