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Large Hand Extruder with 6 Die Plates

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£32.82 (inc VAT) Each
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Large Hand Extruder with 6 Die Plates

Further Information

An easy to use piece of equipment for fast extrusion of shapes and coils of clay
Clay extruder for extruding coils of clay.
The extruder barrel is 52mm diameter, and 220mm long.
Removable barrel for easy cleaning
It will hold approx 1kg of soft clay. There are 6 standard dies:
Small holes- 12 in total -1.3mm diameter each
Circular Extrusion; -15mm diameter
Triangular Extrusion -;15mm x 15mm x 15mm
Square Extrusion; - 15mm x 15mm
Rectangle Extrusion; - 30mm long x 9mm wide
Blank to perforate / drill to own design.
See also the Hollowform accessory set P6580/1