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"CLEARLY BRILLIANT" Leadfree, EasyDip Glaze - 5lt

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"CLEARLY BRILLIANT" Leadfree, EasyDip Glaze - 5lt

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P2004 "Clearly Brilliant" Prepared Dipping glaze 1020°C to 1060°C

Formulated to Potterycrafts specifications
This leadless dipping glaze is ready for use and can be applied directly over painted bisque without the need for hardening on firing.
Ideal for Paint a Pot studios.
Dipping Glazes
Potterycrafts ready prepared dipping glazes are specially formulated for easy application especially when glazing bisqueware that has been decorated with underglaze colours.
Underglaze colours contain gums which can act as a resist so the uptake of a dipping glaze is obstructed, a "hardening on" firing at lowtemperature prior to glazing corrects the problem.
No pre-glazing firing is necessary with Potterycrafts dipping glazes as our special formulation covers the surface evenly whether painted or not.
Theseglazes are ideal for earthenware handpainted pottery and especially for Paint a Pot studios.
Store glaze in coolplace and keep the lid on the container to prevent contamination and evaporation.
Before using your Easy-Dip glaze:
Mix it thoroughly for a couple of minutes. The most efficient method of mixing is with a mixer attachment fittedto a power drill; plaster mixers, available from DIY stores are very good but keep the speed low.
It is vitalwhen mixing not to cause air bubbles in the glaze. The thickness of the glaze can be tested with a viscosity cup(TL497Viscosity Cup), dip the cup into the glaze and time the number of seconds that it takes to empty.
This varies depending on the glaze but will be in the region of 18 to 22 seconds.
If the glaze has thickened through evaporation add more water until the correct viscosity has been restored; use de-ionised water rather than tap water.
Dipthe pots into the glaze and out again in a smooth unhurried fashion, allow all the surplus glaze to run off. Twist and shake the pots to get rid of excess glaze and avoid runs.
Product Specifications
Size/Weight 5lt
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