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Lead Bisilicate Frit - 1kg

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Lead Bisilicate Frit - 1kg

Further Information

Name: P2950 Lead Bisilicate Frit

Technical Information

The MSDS classification of Lead Bi-silicate frit has recently been changed and is now considered to be NC: Not Classified. This is because the Lead solubility is so small as to be insignificant and is not now considered to be a health risk, whilst being handled. However, this does not mean that Low-sol glazes made with this frit can be considered "Food Safe" and ware produced should be Metal Release Tested because the Lead release test limits are set so small that most Lead containing glazes will "Fail" the test. The maximum firing temperatures for glazes made with Lead Bi-silicate frit is 1100°C.

Linear Thermal Expansion: 6.5 x 10-6/°C
Firing Range: 900 - 1100°C
SiO2: 29.0%
Al2O3: 12.0%
PbO: 59.0%
Product Specifications
Size/Weight 1kg
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