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Ferro 3134 High Alkaline Frit - 1kg

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Ferro 3134 High Alkaline Frit - 1kg

Further Information

Name: P3134 High Alkaline Ferro Frit


This frit is intended for use as a lime and borate source in partially fritted glazes. This frit does not contain any alumina but its high calcium content makes it ideal for developing chrome-tin pinks and maroon colours and stains.

Technical Information

Linear Thermal Expansion: 9.6x10-6/°C.
Firing Range: 980 - 1000°C
SiO2: 46.5%
B2O3: 23.1%
Na2O: 10.3%
CaO: 20.1%
Product Specifications
Size/Weight 1kg
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