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Duncan Granite Stone - CANYON ROCK - 4oz

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Duncan Granite Stone - CANYON ROCK - 4oz

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Granite Stone
Size - 118ml
Granite isn't just for countertops these days! Add it to your projects fora rockin' effect with Duncan Granite Stone® - textured, non-toxic colours resembling mountain granite with realisticsparkling flecks.
Duncan Granite Stone® colours are available in a rich, thick formula that brushes on easily and works well with all other acrylic products. These colours can be applied witha variety of techniques to ceramic bisque, fired glazed surfaces, wicker, wood, plaster, glass, papier-mâché silk flowers and leaves. Rock on!
How to use Duncan Granite Stone®
1. Stir contents of jar thoroughly.
2. Apply 1 generous coat with a soft brush; let dry, then apply second criss-cross coat.
3. Clean up with water.
4. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
Tips & Techniques
1. Granite Stone can be applied to ceramic bisque, fired glazed surfaces, wicker, wood, plastre, glass, papier-mache silk flowers and leaves.
2. For raised detailing, apply 3-4 coats.
3. For terracotta look, apply 2 solid coats of Canyon Rock Granite Stone; let dry; antique with White Water-Based Antiquing Gel.
Product Specifications
Size/Weight 4oz