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Molochite (-80s) - Fine/Medium - 1kg

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Molochite (-80s) - Fine/Medium - 1kg

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Molochite Fine Medium Grade (-80s)
37% Al2O3
48% SiO2
Cornish sourced. Use as a grog to introduce openness of texture in bodies.

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Manufactured by calcining china clay which to produce a refractory white grog.
Fine grades are used to reduce shrinkage of engobes and to increase resistance to thermal shock.
Coarser grades are used in clay bodies. Grogs add texture, along with bite, for better control during forming. The grog also acts as an opener and helps the clay to dry uniformly. As the grog is already fired it also cuts down on the overall shrinkage thus reducing problems of cracking and warping. Most grogs have been fired to high temperatures of at least 1300ºC.

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