Jigger/Jolly Machine

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Jigger Jolley Machine
Size: 600mm wide x 990mm deep x 1440mm tall.
1Hp with AC Inverter.
1" BSW Main Shaft
Weight 140kg
Suitable for Circular pieces
Jiggering: The face of the item (usually flat ware) isformed by the plaster mould. The back of the item is formed by the metal tool.
Jolleying: The outside of the item, usually hollow ware is formed by the mould. The inside is formed by the metal tool.
Moulds and tools for Jigger Jolley machine:
P6208 Small bowl
P6206 Head for P6208
P6229 Profile toolto P6208
P6223 Medium bowl
P6224 Head for P6223
P6225 Profile tool for P6223
P6226 Large bowl
P6227 Head for P6226
P6228 Profile tool forP6226
P6230 Handle mould (cast) -10 handles
P6203 Tea cup
P6204 Profile tool for P6203
P6201 Head for P62201/P6203
P6210 Saucer
P6213 12.5cm plate
P6215 Soup, oatmeal plate
P6211 Head for P6210/P6213/P6215
P6212 Profile tool forP6210
P6216 Profile tool for P6215
P6214 Profile tool for P6213
P6217 20cm plate
P6220 25cm plate
P6218 Head for P6217
P6221 Head for P6220
P6219 Profile tool for P6217
P6222 Profile tool for P6220

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