Kiln Elements & Servicing

Kiln Elements, Repair, Servicing and Support

Potterycrafts kilns are manufactured by us in Stoke-on-Trent, we have on staff, electricians and specialists in kiln design and building who are able to visit to repair and service kilns at your premises, backed up by a network of independent kiln service agents across the country. We can also repair and service kilns brought back to us which may be a cheaper option.
If you would like assistance with your kiln please call or email with the following information which is usually found on the data plate affixed to the kiln:
* Manufacturer
* Model number
* Serial number
* Power rating kilowatts (kW)
* Voltage (v)
* Date of manufacture
Kiln technical problems can often be resolved by discussion with us, it is always helpful to have pictures illustrating a problem so email contact is often best. Please note that weare not able to advise on problems with kilns not manufactured by us.
At Potterycrafts we are able to supply elements for many kilns from the following manufacturers:
Cromartie kilns
Essex Kilns
Kilns and Furnaces
To get a quote on your elements please contact us with full kiln details as specified above. We are also able to match elements from other kilns if the old elements are returned so that we can measure the wire, coils and length.
Tel:01782 745000
Kiln Elements & Servicing
Element Pins (Approx 20)

Element Pins (Approx 20)

Stock Code: KELMPIN/20
£7.68 (exc VAT) per EACH
£9.22 (inc VAT)
- +
Element Pins (Approx 80)

Element Pins (Approx 80)

Stock Code: KELMPIN
£21.57 (exc VAT) per EACH
£25.88 (inc VAT)
- +