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Cowley TUTOR Double Drive Wheel

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Cowley TUTOR Double Drive Wheel

Further Information

The Cowley Tutor Wheel has been developed for teaching and training.
The extra thickly padded seats makes teaching classes a breeze,
Being able to get another person up close to help or teach makes the Cowley Tutor Wheel the perfect purchase.
The CowleyTutor Wheel uses the Cowley Double Drive as the base.
The Double Drive consists of a spherical cone driving a synthetic drive ring, coupled with further reduction in gearing. This enables double drive wheels to deliver the torque required for those extra-large pots.The compact size, weight and easily removable seats enables the wheel to be readily moved for demonstrations and classes.
It has the added advantage of storage in a small space when not in use, leaving plenty of space in the workshop.

* Low Maintenance wheel.
* Extremely reliable mechanism.
* Includes 2 Seats.
* Aluminium Wheelhead 280mm diameter
* Can be fitted with Easilift Wheelhead see: P6371/B for details and cost.
* Powerful enough for extra large pots
* Controlable speed from 0 to 240 rpm
* Reverse switch.
* Motor:0.5 Hp (0.37kw)
* RPM: 0-240
* Elect Supply: 220/240 volts AC 13amp.
* Centering: 20kg of Clay
* Width 510mm
* Height 580mm
* Length 700mm (1050mm with one seat attached : 1400mm with 2 seats attached)
* Weight: 48 Kg approx
* All wheels are shipped on a pallet for safety reasons.