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Raku Kiln 79Lt Propane Gas (Includes Burner_P5948)

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Raku Kiln 79Lt Propane Gas (Includes Burner_P5948)

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Firing capacity: 79 litres (2.79 cu ft).
Maximum Temperature: 1260°C (Cone 8)
Chamber dimensions: 457mm wide x 457mm deep (18” x 18”).
External dimensions: 625mm wide x 625mm deep x 750mm high (24½” x 24½” x29½”)
Includes base batt P5471.

We would recommend the Handheld Pyrometer and Thermocouple: P5202-SET
The P59470 is Potterycrafts Top Loading Raku kiln, this is ideal for professional potters and schools and colleges wishing to explore Raku firing.
These kilns are constructed of a low thermal mass (63.5mm thick insulation brick with a 19mm backup insulation) this is then enclosed within a stainless steel outer jacket. The kiln lid and base are constructed of the same high quality low thermal mass insulation brick which is 76mm thick with a 76mm diameter hole in the centre of the lid for ventilation when firing.
Raku kiln lids are fitted with two handles to enable the kiln to be opened during the firing process to enable the ware to be removed.
All Top Loading Raku kilns are fitted with castors (two brake castor, two plain) for easy movement.

What is Raku Firing?
Raku was a Japanese technique originally, but now it's become an internationally popular way to make decorative ware. The principle is quite simple, you start with an item ofbisque fired to approximately 950°C, and then glaze it. It is then taken out of the kiln when red-hot, and put straight into a container of combustible material (Straw etc). The flames burn the available oxygen and create a reducing atmosphere, and mix of chemicals stain the clay. When the piece is removed again and quenched in cold water, interesting colours and shades remain: often unpredictable.

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