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CERAcontrol is the latest development in a long series of controllers, they incorporate new software giving improved efficiency and ease of programming together with up to date safety and diagnostic features.
CERA-5+ has 5 programs each with delay start, 5 heating/cooling ramps, soak, cut off and program pause.
This controller gives the benefit multiple heating and cooling ramps for pottery firing where usually two programs are used, having five ramps allows for several heating and/or cooling phases in the program.
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Delay start
A period of timeto elapse before controller starts a firing, for example, in order to make use of off-peak power.

Heating/Cooling Ramp
The rate of heating up or cooling down, usually expressed in number of degrees per hour, e.g. 150°C per hour. A Kiln firing to 600°C at 150°C per hour would take 4 hours.

Set Point/Target temperature
The temperature at which the controller changes the ramp rate, starts to soak or switches off. For example a program might fire at 100°C per hour to the first set point of 600°C then fire at 250°C per hour to top temperature of 1120°C.
Soak or Dwell
The periodof time that the kiln is held at a temperature in order to smooth out glazes or even out temperature in the kiln. Typically 15 to 20 minutes.
Segment One part of the program, usually consisting of a ramp, a target temperature and a soak.
Event Relay
Output from a controller to operate an automatic damper,opening and closing it during the firing.

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