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Amaco Underglaze Semi-Moist Pan Set No 109

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Amaco Underglaze Semi-Moist Pan Set No 109

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Set #109 includes the Bright Yellow, Lilac, Medium blue, Mahogany Brown, Pink, Turquoise, Warm Green, and Warm Gray colors of the Semi-Moist Underglazes.
Rated for Cone 04-10. *excluding Bright Yellow and Pink (Cone 04-6)
Must be used with proper glaze to be food safe.
AMACO® Semi-Moist Underglaze Decorating Colors are suitable for many types of ceramic painting. They are especially good for water color effects and painting of fine detail.

Decorating colors are concentrated, intense and opaque. Additional shades and tints can be madeby intermixing. Colors may be brushed on either bisque or greenware. A brush dipped in water lifts the color for decorating. Further thinning of the water soluble colors prepares them for transparent water color effects by brushing.

Because the colors are approximately the same tone before and after firing, the effectiveness of color combinations and blending can be observed as painting progresses. Colours dry quickly and may be handled without damage.

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