P5118 Lightmaster 150lt 7.5kW (40A) 1300°C

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Firing Capacity: 150lt
Maximum User Temperature(highest temp the kiln goes too): 1300c
Maximum Application Temperature (temperature upon repeated firing use for longevity): 1240c
Chamber dimensions:mm: 460 wide x 480 deep x 680 high
External dimensions: mm: 730 wide x 940 deep x 1560 high
Weight: 280kg
Power: 7.5 kW
Supply Required Single Phase (Amps): 40A
Supply Required 3 Phase (Amps): 15A
Kiln Furniture Set: See P5842/A for details and price.
Controller: Choose from Cera-5 (5 program) or Cera-10+ (10 program) at the point of order
Warranty Period: 2 years.
Additional accessories:
  • Ventilation hood(depends on kiln model): KM206
  • Automated Damper: PFL/AD
  • Heatlock: PFL/HL
  • Damper & Heatlock together: PFL/AD/HL
Key features
  • Designed to fit through a standard UK door frame size at 730mm width.
  • Two layer efficient insulation comprising of the highest quality grooved insulation brick and back up with the highest quality ceramic insulation board on the market.
  • Brick to brick door seal, no messy fibre and flush fit for better heat retention.
  • Kanthal A1 elements are located in grooves within the side walls and the floor of the kiln to allow uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber.
  • Door Spy Hole/vent and flue vent with manual damper as standard, automated damper can be added at extra cost.
Safety features:
  • Dual contactors provide protection against over fires, when used with Potterycrafts Kiln controllers.
  • Type R thermocouple for accuracy and longevity of use.
  • Captive interlock safety switch, meaning the kiln will not turn on unless this is locked and in place.
  • All Potterycrafts kilns are ROHS and WEEE compliant.
  • For information about Installation, positioning and ventilation with your new kiln please see our support section of our website.

This Kiln is made to order, please check out on our website when you are ready to purchase...

Front Loading Kilns are delivered by two delivery options.

Option 1 Standard Pallet delivery. The delivery is by tail lift vehicle is to ground level to your driveway or kerbside; please ensure that you consider how you will move the kiln to its required operating position.

Option 2 Delivery and positioning; our carrier will deliver the kiln and move it to its final operating position. For this service please email for our kiln delivery questionnaire, this will enable us to quote for the delivery if it is possible for your location, please note this is available for UK mainland customers only.

Potterycrafts do not offer a connection service, for a list of kiln engineers who offer this service please see our support section of the website.

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