Potterycrafts Lightmaster 210 Litre Front Loading Kiln

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The Lightmaster is based on a more traditional front-loading kiln, the kiln is ideal for professional studios, schools, and colleges where reliability and durability are essential. The kiln is constructed from a durable low thermal insulation brick with two high grade backup insulation boards all enclosed within a robust high quality pressed steel powder coated frame.

  • Designed to fit through a standard UK door frame size at 730mm width.
  • Two-layer efficient insulation comprising of the highest quality grooved insulation brick and back up with the highest quality ceramic insulation board on the market.
  • Brick to brick door seal, no messy fibre and flush fit for better heat retention.
  • Kanthal A1 elements are located in the grooves within the side walls and the floor of the kiln to allow uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber.
  • Door Spy Hole/vent and flue vent with manual damper as standard, automated damper can be added at extra cost.


  • Firing Capacity: 210 Litre
  • Maximum User Temperature (highest temperature the kiln goes too) 1300°C.
  • Maximum Application Temperature (temperature upon repeated firing use for longevity): 1240°C
  • Supply Required Single Phase (Amps): 20a.
  • Supply Required 3 Phase (Amps): 50a.
  • Warranty Period: 2 years.

    Safety features:

  • All Lightmaster kilns are CE marked and have captive key interlocks fitted to break full load before opening the kiln complying with both UK and European legislation.
  • Dual contactors provide protection against over fires, when used with Potterycrafts Kiln controllers.
  • Type R thermocouple for accuracy and longevity of use.
  • Captive interlock safety switch, meaning the kiln will not turn on unless this is locked and in place.
  • All Potterycrafts kilns are ROHS and WEEE compliant.
  • Roof and door vent as standard for venting the kiln during firing and to aid cooling.


  • CERA-10+ has 32 programs each with 32 segments. This is the ultimate controller offering every option that might be required. Use this controller where many different and complex programs are required regularly. Ideally suited to glass and pottery applications and many scientific, industrial, heat treatment applications.
  • CERA-5+ has 5 programs each with delay start, 5 heating/cooling ramps, soak, cut off and program pause. This controller gives the benefit multiple heating and cooling ramps for pottery firing where usually two programs are used, having five ramps allows for several heating and/or cooling phases in the program.
  • TypeFront Loading
    Firing Capacity210 Litre
    Supply Required (Single Phase)amps20
    Supply Required (3 Phase)amps50

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