P59760 TOPWORKER 120lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln

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Firing Capacity: 120lt
Maximum User Temperature(highest temp the kiln goes too) 1300'c
Maximum Application Temperature (temperature upon repeated firing use for longevity): 1240'c
Chamber Dimensions:
External Dimensions: 670mm x 890mm x 1110mm
Weight: 111kg
Power: 8.8kw
Supply Required Single Phase (Amps): 40a
Supply Required 3 Phase (Amps): 15a per phase
Kiln Furniture Set: See P5888 for details,
Controller: choose from Cera 5 (5 program) and Cera 10 (32 program) controlers at the point of order

Warranty Period: 2 years. Key features
  • Super-efficient Ultralite granular insulation for the floor of the kiln, of 108mm thickness.
  • Grooved elements for equalised heating throughout the firing chamber.
  • Fitted with 76mm castors for ease of movement, with a lockable castor during firing.
  • Two layer efficient insulation comprising of the highest quality insulation brick and ceramic blanket on the market.
  • The specifically designed lid hinge allows the lid to move freely reducing the risk cracking during the firing, with the addition of gas struts to aid in weight distribution.
  • Outer jacket is stainless steel with adjustable tensioning clamps to enable the kiln to always be kept ridged throughout its lifetime.
Safety features:
  • Dual contactors provide protection against over fires, when used with Potterycrafts Kiln controllers.
  • Type R thermocouple for accuracy and longevity of use.
  • Side vent with chimney that can be ducted to atmosphere if required.
  • Captive interlock safety switch, meaning the kiln will not turn on unless this is locked and in place.
  • All Potterycrafts kilns are ROHS and WEEE compliant.
  • For information about Installation, positioning and Ventilation with your new kiln please see our support section of our website.

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